September 5 – Dina Mack

Installation created on The Mennello Museum grounds for The Corridor Project’s exhibit Walk on By. Dimensions 50′ x 50′. Photos by Doug Scaletta.

The piece references the Walk on By lyrics and how memories and place can form fleeting and permanent imprints. The work encompassed all of the senses. Rituals and sensory elements from childhood church memories:
– Lipsticked, scented, hankies (my lipstick prints on 249 handmade hankies)
– The number references days of week from January 1 to September 5, 2012
– The hankies were scented with my mom’s perfume, Emraude
– A purse with butterscotches: my grandma’s candy-of-choice in church

The space was also “sacred” to me in a sense. I was approved to create a different public art project on the same site a few years prior to the exhibit but didn’t move forward due to public art funding constraints within the city. Revisiting this space with new work was very meaningful to me.

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