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This installation was exhibited in Art in Odd Places Orlando as a literal and abstract response to the 2015 TONE theme. Materials included “Tone” soap, Spanish moss, oranges, packaging, and a special edition of The Sensory Times. The work’s elements—sensory triggers, ritual patterns, text, and the ephemeral— are familiar to my art process. The use of Tone soap was a literal and abstract play on the theme. The soap’s main touted ingredient – cocoa butter – made me think of cliches associated with being in “sunny Florida.” Also Orlando is a really clean city – and I think intentionally so- the grit gets cleaned up. Orlando has been working on creating its Identity/branding as a city over the past few years – and the mixture of packaging (the soap boxes) and the soap (man made) within organic matter (moss/a southern element with an old-Florida feel) use of oranges (again, FL cliches) all relate in an abstract way to this. The materials selected were intentionally sensuous – subtle smell triggers, textures – and incorporated into the environment for a short, transient, visit.

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